GREETINGS (Learn Chinese)



Ni3hao3 = HELLO (HOLA)

Ni3hao3 ma? = HOW ARE YOU? (¿Qué tal estás?)

Ni3 zen3 me yang4? = HOW ARE YOU? (¿Qué tal estás?)

Ni3 shen1ti3 zen3 me yang4? = HOW IS YOUR HEALTH? (¿Qué tal estás de salud?)

Ni3hao3 ma? = Ni3 zen3 me yang4? are both the same but the second one is more used in China, so if you only remember the first one in your first days learning chinese it is fine, but in the case you want improve it, you should try to say “Ni3 zen3 me yang4?” if you don’t wanna to be catalogued as a “Western” at first.

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