Hours (Learn Chinese)



Ji3 dian3 le = WHAT TIME IS IT?

  • Not learn the contents of the phrase literally, is an expression. Just remember that “dian3” means “hour”.

Si4 dian3 = IT’S FOUR O’CLOCK

Shi2 dian3 = IT’S TEN O’CLOCK

Shi2 dian3 yi2ke4 = IT’S QUARTER PAST TEN

Shi2 dian3 ban4 = IT’S HALF PAST TEN

Cha4 yi2ke4 Shi2 dian3 = IT’S A QUARTER TO TEN

Ba1 dian3 shi2 fen1 = IT’S TEN MINUTES TO EIGHT

  • We have to make a remark, which is that when we speak of “two” hours, we have to change the article “er4” we used for “liang3”:

liang3 dian3 = IT’S TWO O’CLOCK 

  • So we use “yi2ke4” for “quarter”, “ban4” for “half past”, “cha4 yi2ke4” for “a quarter to”.
  • “Fen1” means “minute” so if we say an hour and later we say the minutes it’s like if we were saying “some minutes to an hour”