Relationship Status (Learn Chinese)



hun-yin- zhuang`kuang` = RELATIONSHIP STATUS

wei`hun-  SINGLE

jie´hun- = MARRIED

li´hun-  = DIVORCED


Woˇde hun-yin- zhuang`kuang`shi jie’hun- = MY RELATIONSHIP STATUS IS MARRIED

Woˇde hun-yin- zhuang`kuang`shi wei`hun- dan`shi`woˇ youˇ yi- ge` er´nüˇ  = MY RELATIONSHIP STATUS IS SINGLE BUT I HAVE ONE SON

er´nüˇ   = SONS

youˇ = TO HAVE

dan`shi`= BUT

As we can observe, in the second sentence (yi-ge `) is” one + classifier “. Also have to pay attention word for word, as the prayers we are very simple but can be hard to see the words so close together.