The Great Wall (Chinese 中国 Culture)



The Great Wall of China or Chángchéng (“long fortress ” ) , was built in the Qin Dynasty, in order to protect themselves from the attacks of the inhabitants of modern Mongolia . The emperor Qin Shi Huangdi , famous among other things for making Terracotta soldiers joined the stretches of wall previously constructed and for the next thousand years that unification took place , the wall came to be 7,300 km in length.

The wall was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987 and is reputed to be the largest cemetery in the world , as ten million workers died during its construction.

The July 7, 2007 , was unveiled at the Great Wall of China as one of the winners from the list of New Seven Wonders of the Modern World. The Great Wall is twinned with the Roman walls of Lugo , Galicia, Spain , also designated World Heritage Site .

Why built the Great Wall of China ?

  •          To serve as lookout . The ancient Chinese were afraid of being invaded by the armies of northern nomads .
  •          To provide the army with rapid alert system , using signals of fire by night and smoke signals during the day. All these signals were sent to a watchtower to another.
  •          To create a military high through the road. This helped to accelerate the deployment of troops from one area to another along the Great Wall.


            The materials used were available around the building . For example , near Beijing limestone was used , while in other places granite or fired brick was used. Mainly , it was a wall of clay and sand brick deck , making it very resistant to impact weapons .

            During the Qin, the raw material depended on the availability of land , while the design was based on the strategic advantages offered by the physical configuration of the regions. The walls were built of alternating layers of crushed gravel and reeds , then clay covering to prevent erosion and make it more difficult to climb .

The Great Wall from space:

            Richard Halliburton in his book Second Book of Marvels , claimed that the Great Wall of China is the only visible from the moon human construction . This belief has persisitido over the years accepted as an urban legend. Arthur Waldron, has speculated that the belief of this may come from the fascination with the “canals ” that were believed to exist on Mars. The logic was simple: if the Earthlings could see the canals of Mars , so the Martians could see the Great Wall .

            Actually the Great Wall has few meters wide and almost the same color as the surrounding soil , so it is not possible to see it from the distance of the Moon and much less from Mars .

            This question was asked to astronauts William Pogue, Yang Liwei or Neil Armstrong and they deny having seen from space.

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