The Giant Panda (POPULITY 中国 CULTURE)

Panda ( Ailuropoda melanoleuca )

The giant panda , or panda is a species of mammal in the order Carnivora . It is endangered and is the symbol of WWF ( World Wide Fund for nature protection ) . It feeds mainly on bamboo, but also eat fruits , small mammals , fish and insects.
Panda ‘s name in Chinese means ” large bear cat ” but it is also known as ” bear swaddled .” This name comes from the panda has vertical pupils reminiscent of cats . The word panda is of uncertain origin, but is believed to come from a Himalayan language .
The panda was known in the West in 1869 by Armand David . Between 1936 and 1946 , fourteen pandas were taken from China by foreigners, so that this activity was prohibited in 1946. Starting in 1957 China began to give away pandas as a sign of goodwill until a law was created in 1990 according to which every animal , including their reproductive cells, was owned by China. Also interested in obtaining zoos pandas on loan are subject to the signing of contracts of ten years at a cost of between 1 and 2 million dollars annually .
The ears , nose , hair around the eyes , shoulders and both upper and lower limbs are dark in contrast to the face, stomach and back are white . Panda paw has five fingers and a ” sixth finger ” like a thumb. Their front legs are strong and suitable for climbing and muscular and longer than the rear .
The young panda born weighing 90 to 130 grams and just present their fur. Adults can weigh between 70 and 125 kilos .
The panda is a mostly herbivorous animal , feeding almost exclusively of bamboo . As a legacy of its carnivorous ancestors , your digestive system is not fully adapted to digest the cellulose molecules contained in the bamboo, so need to consume up to 40 kg of bamboo per day which takes them about 14 hours.
Currently , according to a Chinese news agency , the panda is endangered due to deforestation of bamboo that serves food.


The pandas reach sexual maturity between five and seven years old. The breeding season takes place during the spring. Gestation lasts about 135 days embryo . Usually born one or two offspring and if the second case the mother would opt to continue raising only one. At birth the young , it is blind and his skin has a pinkish color , a month after the birth of panda it acquires its traditional pigmentation.
The life expectancy of a panda is 12 years, although in Brazil a female Chinese panda turned 25 years old (equivalent to 100 human years ) . That same year, the oldest panda bred in captivity in the world died at 36 years ( 144 human years ).

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