The acupuncture (POPULITY 中国 CULTURE)



Acupuncture is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine that was practiced in ancient times . The term , coined by the Jesuit missionaries who visited China in the seventeenth century and described the method expresses only a part of this as it should be called Acupuncture and Moxibustion or ” Needle and Moxa ” ( Tchen – Ziu ) , according to its original name.

Acupuncture is a seemingly simple procedure , since it involves the introduction of metal needles or caloric stimulation of the skin. However, behind this simple operation perfect logic structure is hidden.

The points are the Chinese stimulate points located in precise and places. When we acupuncture sheet , note that the points are linked together by a series of lines , which are known as meridians . According to the Chinese, are vessels ( Chings ) drivers of a fluid called Chi and that translates into energy. Points are “nodes ” located along the conduits through which energy flows .

This energy responsible for life and health of the body, is composed of two equal and opposite forces : INN and IANG , which are mixed in exact proportions , but varies by meridian or region of the body. The mixture provided configures the balance, proportion, by contrast, represents the imbalance .

Health energy balance

Disease energy imbalance.


The basis of traditional acupuncture

The energy flows through the body via 12 meridians symmetrical , of which 6 are Iang and 6 are Inn . The viscera are Iang , organs are Inn . The energy produced by the viscera and circulates through the meridians and nourishes all tissues of the body organs. Every obstacle in the circulation will manifest in pain, swelling and congestion of capillaries.

The disorders may be caused by exogenous factors such as cold, heat, bad food or ingested in excess. Endogenous factors should , above all, not to enforce the rules that lead to a healthy life .

Exogenous and endogenous factors attack and disrupt energy , altering . This causes an energy imbalance that causes the disease . Health is regained when the energy imbalance has been restored. To diagnose the disease is carried out close observation of the tongue , pulse and general appearance of the body. Acupuncture experts pulsología use as diagnostic method : each body and each have a specific pulsation viscera .

Acupuncture is very effective in headaches , cephalic congestion , cramps , muscle pain , mental depression, fatigue, early stages of inflammatory diseases , herniated disc , allergies, etc…

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