Staple Advanced Food (Learn Chinese)

主(zhu3)食(shi2)类(lei4)——Staple food


三san1文wen2治zhi4 = sandwich

米mi3饭fan4 =rice

粥zhou1 = congee (rice soup)

汤tang1 =soup

饺jiao3子zi = dumpling

面mian4条tiao2 = noodle

香xiang1肠chang2 = sausage

面mian4包bao1 =bread

黄huang2油you2 =butter

饼bin3干gan1= cookies

馒man2头tou2 = steamed bread

汉han4堡bao3 =hamburger 

奶nai3酪lao4 = cheese

We Stir fry chopped onions with butter. 用牛油炒香洋蔥 (yong4 niu2 you2 chao3 xiang1 yang2 cong1) in the first part of the procedure in the BRAISED BEEF TENDERLOIN CHUNKS recipe.