The Advanced Colours (Learn Chinese)

(yan2)(se4)  COLOUR



红(hong2)色(se4) 类 (lei4) —The RED:

朱zhu1红hong2 = vermeil; vermilion; ponceau

粉fen3红hong2 = pink; soft red; rose bloom

玫mei2瑰gui4红hong2 = rose madder; rose

鲜xian1红hong2 = scarlet red; scarlet; bright red; fresh red; blood red;madder; ruby; cerise; cherry

血xie3红hong2 = blood red; incarnadine

黄(huang2)色(se4) 类(lei4)—The YELLOW:

桔ju2黄huang2 = orange; crocus; gamboge; cadmium orange

橙cheng2黄huang2 = clear or deep orange; light orange; rattan

柠ning2檬meng2黄huang2 = lemon yellow ; lemon ; citrine citron

金jin1黄huang2 = golden yellow, gold

绿(lv4) 色(se4) 类(lei4)—The GREEN

橄gan3榄lan3绿lv4 = olive green ; olive

墨mo4绿lv4 = blackish green ; green black; jasper; dark green ;deep green

碧bi4绿lv4 = azure green; turquoise green ; viridity

翠cui4绿lv4 = emerald green; jade green ;bright green ; verdancy ; viridity

蓝(lan2) 色(se4) 类(lei4)—The BLUE:

天tian1蓝lan2 = sky blue; azure ; celeste; azure cerulean blue; Parisian blue

海hai3蓝lan2 = sea blue

湖hu2蓝lan2 = acid blue

宝bao3石shi2蓝lan2 = sapphire; jewelry

 Remembering the other colours we learnt in Begining Level:

紫(zi3) 色(se4)——Purple

黑(hei1) 色(se4)—— Black

白(bai2) 色(se4)—— White

灰(hui1) 色(se4)—— Grey

棕(zong1) 色(se4) \ 褐(he4) 色 (se4)——Brown