First Poem Tao-Te-King (Chinese Culture)



The Tao that can be expressed

is not the true Tao.

The name that can be given

is not his real name.

Unnamed is the beginning of the universe

and named, it is the mother of all things.

From non-being understand its essence;

and from being, we see only its appearance.

Both, being and non-being, have the same

origin, but different name.

His identity is a mystery.

And in this mystery

is the door of everything


The Tao Te Ching a book of 81 poems which make up the essence of the Taoist religion , which emerged in China at the hands of Lao -tzu (in the sixth century BC)

The treatment of the various forces of the universe , its essence and great shaping on a Supreme Virtue all leaves a very beautiful spiritual legacy at the hands of a lyrical poems and overwhelming wisdom.



Taking the ” Tao ” as something supreme , can not be mentioned because it can never have a name. It’s beyond all but is it all made ​​up . Generate and include each of the things around us , is the essence of everything, so to speak. Through it all makes up the ” Tao ” and so ” from nonbeing understand its essence , and from being, we see only its appearance.” Nothing more can be seen through the reality , but only understood its essence , not tangible.

Being and non-being from the same place from which the Tao. The ” Tao ” as a mystery , is the mother of all things.

≡ BY George ≡