Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens)

Foto de un panda rojo en un árbol

            Red panda or lesser panda ( Ailurus fulgens ) is a species of carnivorous mammal of the family Ailuridae . Species is listed as vulnerable state according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature ( IUCN) as their populations are threatened by habitat loss , poaching and inbreeding . Currently , they are protected by the national laws of some countries.

Habitat and distribution

            Red pandas are native to Southeast Asia ; Himalaya , southern Tibet , Bhutan , northeastern India, in the province of Yunnan and the Hengduan Mountains of Sichuan province in China.

            They live in climates of moderate temperature, between 10 and 25 ° C , prefer temperate coniferous forests with old trees of rhododendron and bamboo , sharing habitat with the giant panda in China. Red pandas often spend the day lying on the high branches of the trees and feed most actively in the morning and evening .


            The red panda is 30 to 60 cm and specializes in eating bamboo although being omnivores can also eat eggs , birds , insects and small mammals.

            They have a reddish-brown fur on top , which gets darker at the bottom . In the face have white spots , which resemble those of a raccoon , but each individual has a different facial markings . The head is rounded with medium sized ears , black nose and almost black eyes. Its tail is long and bushy with six rings or red ocher , providing excellent balance. They have claws and a ” false thumb ” (it is actually an extension of the bones of the wrist) .

            Pandas are most active at dawn and during the night. They are sedentary during the day and usually they rest on branches and tree holes . They live in their own territories , rarely live in pairs or family groups. They are quiet animals that communicate through shrill cries .

            The first thing you do upon waking is washing your skin , licking their front paws and massaging her back , rubbing her belly and back along the trees or rocks.

            If a panda is threatened, try to run up a tree. If you can not escape, will stand on its hind to make them seem larger and intimidate their attackers legs. With its sharp claws can cause serious injury.


Popular Culture

            The name of the red panda in English is used as the name of the Firefox browser, because in this language one of the name for the red panda is fire fox . However, the logo is based on the red fox. All this confusion is because in Chinese is called both the fire fox red panda and the red fox . Other sources disagree , suggesting that fire fox is used to refer to the browser and not the animal.

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