Third Idiom List (Learn Chinese)



  • [ 画hua4饼bing3充chong1饥ji1 ] = Allaying Hunger with Pictures of Cakes 

this idiom came to be used to mean comforting oneself with unrealistic thoughts, without solving practical problems.


  • [ 一yi2鸣ming2惊jing1人ren2 ] = Amazing the World with a Single Feet 

This idiom is used to indicate that a person may rise from obscurity and achieve greatness.


  • [ 守shou3株zhu1待dai2兔tu4 ] = Sitting by a Stump, Waiting for a Careless Hare 

This idiom satirizes those who just wait for a stroke of luck, rather than making efforts to obtain what they need.


  • [ 破po4镜jing4重chong2圆yuan2 ] = A Broken Mirror Made Whole Again 

This idiom is used to refer to the reunion of a couple after they lose touch or break up.