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Airport Conversation (Medium Conversations)

TOURIST Ni3 hao3, qing3wen4 ni3 neng2 bang1 wo3 ma? = Hi, can you help me? SECURITY GUARD Nin2 xu1yao4 shen2me? = What do you need? TOURIST Ni3 hao3, Wo3 shi4 you2ke4, Wo3 bu4zhi1 dao4 na3ge… Continue reading

The Knowledge of the Qingming Festival (Advanced Level)

【The Knowledge of the Qingming Festival】 ∞ This Saturday is the Qingming Festival and it falls on fifth of April, this is a serious day to venerate the ancestors. There are some countries… Continue reading

The meeting between Chang Dai-chien & Picasso (Advanced Level)

The meeting (Chang Dai-chien & Picasso)     ∞ In 1956, the Eastern Chang Dai-chien(Born: 1899, China;Died: 1983, Taiwan) and Western Pablo Picasso(Born: 1881, Spain; Died: 1973, France) were meeting in France. Chang Dai-chien… Continue reading

Sakura Blossom (Advanced Level)

CHERRY BLOSSOM ∞ In  Japan,the cherry blossom is called “sakura” which is the nation flower of Japan. In spring, sakura blossom is almost everywhere in japan .They add up a lot of beauty… Continue reading

A tranqil Night (Advanced Level)

《A Tranquil Night》 Poet: Li Bai   At bed, I see a silver light, I wonder if it’s frost aground. Looking up, I found the moon bright; Bowing, in homesickness I’m drowned. Translator:… Continue reading

Mr. Taylor (Medium Level)

Mr. Taylor Mr. Taylor suffered many mishaps in his life. At college, English was his major and French was his minor. He passed the minor examination but failed the major examination. After a… Continue reading

Whitening Myths (Advanced level)

Whitening myths Many Asian women like to have ivory-white skin, there is a saying “A white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults” (this is the English saying, but it is alike… Continue reading


【Chinese omelet + soybean milk = the tasty breakfast】 Today I want to introduce the Chinese breakfast I like, one of my favorite set of breakfast is one Chinese omelet with a cup… Continue reading

The Lucky daughter (Medium Level)

The lucky daughter Two women are having a conversation. One of them asked, “How is your son?” “Don’t mention it, how unfortunate he is !”  the other woman sighed: “He’s so unlucky to… Continue reading

A secret of the life (Medium Level)

A SECRET OF THE LIFE ∞ 30 years ago, a young man left his hometown to explore his prospect. In order to ask for some advice, the first stop of his exploration was… Continue reading