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The Knowledge of the Qingming Festival (Advanced Level)

【The Knowledge of the Qingming Festival】 ∞ This Saturday is the Qingming Festival and it falls on fifth of April, this is a serious day to venerate the ancestors. There are some countries… Continue reading

The meeting between Chang Dai-chien & Picasso (Advanced Level)

The meeting (Chang Dai-chien & Picasso)     ∞ In 1956, the Eastern Chang Dai-chien(Born: 1899, China;Died: 1983, Taiwan) and Western Pablo Picasso(Born: 1881, Spain; Died: 1973, France) were meeting in France. Chang Dai-chien… Continue reading

Sakura Blossom (Advanced Level)

CHERRY BLOSSOM ∞ In  Japan,the cherry blossom is called “sakura” which is the nation flower of Japan. In spring, sakura blossom is almost everywhere in japan .They add up a lot of beauty… Continue reading

A tranqil Night (Advanced Level)

《A Tranquil Night》 Poet: Li Bai   At bed, I see a silver light, I wonder if it’s frost aground. Looking up, I found the moon bright; Bowing, in homesickness I’m drowned. Translator:… Continue reading

Whitening Myths (Advanced level)

Whitening myths Many Asian women like to have ivory-white skin, there is a saying “A white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults” (this is the English saying, but it is alike… Continue reading

I would be back (Advanced Level)

I WOULD BE BACK ∞ I would be back The famous American host Linklater was interviewing a child, asking him: ”what will you do when you grow up?” The child answered innocently:” um…I… Continue reading

A millimeter more (Advanced Level)

A MILLIMETER MORE  ∞ There was a toothpaste factory providing qualified and exquisitely packaged products which were deeply loved by the customers. The sales rate had been climbing continuously in 10 years, with… Continue reading

The Legend of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl (Advanced Level)

THE LEGEND OF POPOCATEPTL AND IZTACCIHUATL ENGLISH The Legend of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl of Mexico Popocatepetl volcano gives its name to a 5450 meters high , while Iztaccihuatl volcano is   lower heighted (5220… Continue reading

The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (Advanced Level)

SPANISH La Central Nuclear de Chernóbil La Central Nuclear de Chernóbil se halla a dieciocho kilómetros de dicha ciudad (Chernóbil) en Ucrania. Aproximadamente situada a ciento diez kilómetros al norte de Kiev (Capital… Continue reading