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Up to lèyóu plateau (Chinese Culture)

UP TO LÈYÓU PLATEAU ∞ Xiàng wǎn yì bù shì qū chē dēng gǔ yuán xī yáng wú xiàn hǎo zhǐ shì jìn huáng hūn ∞ TRADUCTION: I feel a faint towards evening, I go, I go to the old plateau nearly evening with infinite pity, but dusk approaches.… Continue reading

Third Proveb List (Chinese Culture)

THIRD PROVERB LIST ∞  Love is a lamp, while friendship is the shadow. When the lamp is off, you will find the shadow everywhere. Friend is who can give you strength at least.… Continue reading

Second Proverb List (Chinese Culture)

SECOND PROVERB LIST   Man struggles upwards; water flows downwards. · 人往高处走(ren2wang3gao1chu4zou3),水往低处流(shui3wang3di1chu4liu2)。   If you don’t go beyond difficulty, you won’t grow any stronger. 不克服困难(bu2ke4fu2kun2nan2),怎能变得强大(zen3neng2bian4de2qiang2da4)   Living without an aim is like sailing… Continue reading

Second Poem Tao-Te-King (Chinese Culture)

SECOND TAO-TE-KING POEM ∞ Everyone takes beauty for beauty, and therefore know what is ugly. Everyone takes the well for good, and therefore know what is wrong. Because being and non-being are mutually… Continue reading


Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens) ∞             Red panda or lesser panda ( Ailurus fulgens ) is a species of carnivorous mammal of the family Ailuridae . Species is listed… Continue reading

Feast of chinese lanterns (POPULITY 中国 CULTURE)

FEAST OF CHINESE LANTERNS The Feast of Lanterns is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, between February and March in the Gregorian calendar , coinciding with the first full… Continue reading

First Poem Tao-Te-King (Chinese Culture)

FIRST TAO-TE-KING POEM ∞ The Tao that can be expressed is not the true Tao. The name that can be given is not his real name. Unnamed is the beginning of the universe… Continue reading

Proverb List (Chinese Culture)

PROVERB LIST   ∞ 吃得苦中苦(chi1de2ku3zhong1ku3),方为人上人(fang1wei2ren2shang4ren2) = No pains, no gains.   有志者事竟成(you2zhi4zhe3shi4jin4cheng2) = Where there is a will, there is a way.   天无绝人之路(tian1eu2jue2ren2zhi1lu4) = Heaven will always leave a door open.    今日事(jin1ri4shi4),今日毕(jin1ri4bi4) =Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.    苦尽甘来(ku3jin4gan1lai2) = Pain of the… Continue reading

Twice-Cooked Pork Slices (Sichuan Recipes)

Twice-cooked pork slices 回锅肉 (huí guō ròu)  Style: Sichuan  Cuisine Characteristics: Twice-cooked pork slices is red and green in color, rich in taste.The pork slices in it is fat but not greasy. As the saying goes, if you haven’t eaten twice-cooked pork slices in Sichuan, you haven’t actually been to Sichuan, even if you have. Twice-cooked pork slices,… Continue reading

Seasonings (Learn Chinese)

调(tiao2)料(liao4)类(lei4)——Seasonings ∞ 醋cu4 = vinegar 酱jiang4油you2 = soy 盐yan4 = salt 糖tang4 = sugar 酱jiang4 = soy sauce 沙sha1拉la1 = salad 辣la4椒jiao1 = hot(red)pepper 胡hu2椒jiao1 =(black)pepper 芝zhi1麻ma1酱jiang4 = Sesame paste 咖ga1喱li2粉fen3 =curry 番fan1茄qie2酱jiang4… Continue reading