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Twice-Cooked Pork Slices (Sichuan Recipes)

Twice-cooked pork slices 回锅肉 (huí guō ròu)  Style: Sichuan  Cuisine Characteristics: Twice-cooked pork slices is red and green in color, rich in taste.The pork slices in it is fat but not greasy. As the saying goes, if you haven’t eaten twice-cooked pork slices in Sichuan, you haven’t actually been to Sichuan, even if you have. Twice-cooked pork slices,… Continue reading

Seasonings (Learn Chinese)

调(tiao2)料(liao4)类(lei4)——Seasonings ∞ 醋cu4 = vinegar 酱jiang4油you2 = soy 盐yan4 = salt 糖tang4 = sugar 酱jiang4 = soy sauce 沙sha1拉la1 = salad 辣la4椒jiao1 = hot(red)pepper 胡hu2椒jiao1 =(black)pepper 芝zhi1麻ma1酱jiang4 = Sesame paste 咖ga1喱li2粉fen3 =curry 番fan1茄qie2酱jiang4… Continue reading

Green Papaya Salad (Recipes)

Green Papaya Salad   涼拌青木瓜絲食譜 (liang2 ban4 qing1 mu4 gua1 si1 shi2 pu3) This is a recipe from Thailand     Ingredients: 材料 (cai2 liao4): 1 chicken breast fillet 雞胸肉一塊 (ji1 xiong1 rou4… Continue reading


BRAISED BEEF TENDERLOIN CHUNKS 紅燒牛腩食譜 (hong2 shao1 niu2 nan3 shi2 pu3)  Ingredients: 材料 (cai2 liao4): a catty (600g) beef tenderloin牛腩一斤 (600公克) (niu2 nan3 yi1 jin1 (liou4 bai3 gong1 ke4)) 2 potatoes 馬鈴薯兩個 (ma3… Continue reading


【Chinese omelet + soybean milk = the tasty breakfast】 Today I want to introduce the Chinese breakfast I like, one of my favorite set of breakfast is one Chinese omelet with a cup… Continue reading