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Up to lèyóu plateau (Chinese Culture)

UP TO LÈYÓU PLATEAU ∞ Xiàng wǎn yì bù shì qū chē dēng gǔ yuán xī yáng wú xiàn hǎo zhǐ shì jìn huáng hūn ∞ TRADUCTION: I feel a faint towards evening, I go, I go to the old plateau nearly evening with infinite pity, but dusk approaches.… Continue reading

Second Poem Tao-Te-King (Chinese Culture)

SECOND TAO-TE-KING POEM ∞ Everyone takes beauty for beauty, and therefore know what is ugly. Everyone takes the well for good, and therefore know what is wrong. Because being and non-being are mutually… Continue reading

First Poem Tao-Te-King (Chinese Culture)

FIRST TAO-TE-KING POEM ∞ The Tao that can be expressed is not the true Tao. The name that can be given is not his real name. Unnamed is the beginning of the universe… Continue reading

A tranqil Night (Advanced Level)

《A Tranquil Night》 Poet: Li Bai   At bed, I see a silver light, I wonder if it’s frost aground. Looking up, I found the moon bright; Bowing, in homesickness I’m drowned. Translator:… Continue reading