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First Adjectives List Medium Level

FIRST ADJECTIVES LIST MEDIUM LEVEL ∞ To discuss difficulties:  Rong2yi4 (容易) = EASY Nan2 (难) = HARD ∞ To discuss the rightness of something:  Dui4 (对) = CORRECT Cuo4 (错) = WRONG ∞… Continue reading

Relationship Status (Learn Chinese)

RELATIONSHIP STATUS hun-yin- zhuang`kuang` = RELATIONSHIP STATUS wei`hun-  SINGLE jie´hun- = MARRIED li´hun-  = DIVORCED ∞ EXAMPLES: Woˇde hun-yin- zhuang`kuang`shi jie’hun- = MY RELATIONSHIP STATUS IS MARRIED Woˇde hun-yin- zhuang`kuang`shi wei`hun- dan`shi`woˇ youˇ yi- ge` er´nüˇ  = MY RELATIONSHIP… Continue reading

The use of adjectives (Learn Chinese)

THE USE OF ADJECTIVES ∞ The use of adjectives in Chinese is peculiar, to describe something specific we do not use the verb “to be” but we put the Adjective, we add the… Continue reading