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Easy verbs list (Learn Chinese)

EASY VERBS LIST ∞ Shi4 = To be Zai4 = To be Zuo4 = To do Qu4 = To go Ai4 = To love Chi1 = To eat He1 = To drink Xue2Xi2… Continue reading

Rooms of the house (Learn Chinese)

ROOMS OF THE HOUSE ∞ ke`ting- (ke4ting1) = LIVING ROOM fan`ting- (fan4ting1) = DINING ROOM wo`shi` (wo4shi4) = BEDROOM shu-fang´ (shu1fang2)  = STUDY ROOM wei`sheng-jian-   //   xiˇshouˇjian- = BATHROOM Chúfáng  chu´fang´ (chu2fang2)… Continue reading

This year, Next Year (Learn Chinese)

THIS YEAR, NEXT YEAR ∞ Qian´nian´ (qian2 nian2) = TWO YEARS AGO Qu`nian´ (qu4nian2) = LAST YEAR Jin-nian´ (jin1 nian2) = THIS YEAR Ming´nian´ (ming2 nian2)  = NEXT YEAR Hou`nian´ (hou4 nian2) = IN TWO… Continue reading

This week, Last Month (Learn Chinese)

THIS WEEK/ LAST MONTH The rule: (LAST/THIS/NEXT) + WEEK shang`ge` xing- qi- (Shang4ge4 Xing1qi1)= LAST WEEK zhe`ge` xing-qi- (Zhe4ge4 Xing1qi1) = THIS WEEK xia`ge` xing-qi-  (Xia4ge4 Xing1qi1)= NEXT WEEK The rule: (LAST/THIS/NEXT) +… Continue reading

Professions (Learn Chinese)

PROFESSIONS ∞ laoˇshi-  = TEACHER lü`shi-   = LAWYER fu´wu`yuan´  = WAITER ji`zheˇ  = JOURNALIST jia-ting´zhuˇfu`  = HOUSEWIFE shou`huo`yuan´   = DEPENDENT jing-liˇ  = MANAGER gong-ren´  = WORKER mi`shu-   = SECRETARY ∞ Niˇ zuo` shen´me gong-zuo`? = WHAT IS YOUR JOB? Gong-zuo` =… Continue reading

Relationship Status (Learn Chinese)

RELATIONSHIP STATUS hun-yin- zhuang`kuang` = RELATIONSHIP STATUS wei`hun-  SINGLE jie´hun- = MARRIED li´hun-  = DIVORCED ∞ EXAMPLES: Woˇde hun-yin- zhuang`kuang`shi jie’hun- = MY RELATIONSHIP STATUS IS MARRIED Woˇde hun-yin- zhuang`kuang`shi wei`hun- dan`shi`woˇ youˇ yi- ge` er´nüˇ  = MY RELATIONSHIP… Continue reading

The use of adjectives (Learn Chinese)

THE USE OF ADJECTIVES ∞ The use of adjectives in Chinese is peculiar, to describe something specific we do not use the verb “to be” but we put the Adjective, we add the… Continue reading

Where do you come from? (Learn Chinese)

WHERE DO YOU COME FROM? Niˇ cong´naˇ liˇ lai´ = WHERE DO YOU COME FROM? Niˇ shi` naˇ guo´ren´ = WHAT IS YOUR COUNTRY?  Niˇ shi`narˇ de ren´ = WHAT IS YOUR PLACE? MY… Continue reading

Hours (Learn Chinese)

HOURS ∞ Ji3 dian3 le = WHAT TIME IS IT? ∞ Not learn the contents of the phrase literally, is an expression. Just remember that “dian3” means “hour”. ∞ Si4 dian3 = IT’S FOUR… Continue reading

Classifiers (Learn Chinese)

CLASSIFIERS In Chinese, before an item, a small word that accompanies the item (called “classifier”) and depending on the type of noun to which the article refers is used. Let me explain: Ge4… Continue reading