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The names of the days (Learn Chinese)

THE NAMES OF THE DAYS THE RULE (LA REGLA):    Xing1qi1 + Day Number  MONDAY (LUNES) = Xing1qi1 Yi1 TUESDAY (MARTES) = Xing1qi1 Er4 WEDNESDAY (MIÉRCOLES) = Xing1qi1 San1 THURSDAY (JUEVES) = Xing1qi1 Si4 FRIDAY (VIERNES)… Continue reading


THE TONES IN MANDARIN ENGLISH EXPLANATION: In Chineese (Mandarin) we have 4 type of tones which are necessary to learn, because the same word can mean different things if you have a tone or… Continue reading

Numbers (Learn Chinese)

NUMBERS Ling2  = 0 = ZERO (CERO) Yi1 = 1 = ONE (UNO) Er4 = 2 = TWO (DOS) San1 = 3 = THREE (TRES) Si4 = 4 = FOUR (CUATRO) Wu3 = 5 = FIVE… Continue reading

Pronouns (Learn Chinese)

PERSONAL PRONOUNS (PRONOMBRES PERSONALES): Wo3 = I (Yo) Ni3 = You (Tú) Ta1 = He, She, It (Él, Ella, Ello) Wo3men = We (Nosotros) Ni3men = You (Vosotros) Ta1men = They (Ellos, Ellas… Continue reading