Advanced Fruits (Learn Chinese)

水(shui3)果(guo3)类(lei4) ——Fruits apricot= 杏xing4 peach=桃tao2 grape = 葡pu萄tao2 pineapple = 菠bo1萝luo2 apple= 苹ping2果guo3 plum = 李li3子zi watermelon = 西xi1瓜gua mango = 芒mang2果guo3 mulberry = 桑sang1椹sheng4 nectarine = 油you2桃tao2 cherry = 樱ying1桃tao2 pomegranate =… Continue reading

Twice-Cooked Pork Slices (Sichuan Recipes)

Twice-cooked pork slices 回锅肉 (huí guō ròu)  Style: Sichuan  Cuisine Characteristics: Twice-cooked pork slices is red and green in color, rich in taste.The pork slices in it is fat but not greasy. As the saying goes, if you haven’t eaten twice-cooked pork slices in Sichuan, you haven’t actually been to Sichuan, even if you have. Twice-cooked pork slices,… Continue reading

Advanced Beverage (Learn Chinese)

酒(jiu3)水(shui3)类(lei4)——BEVERAGE ∞ 红hong4酒jiu3 = red wine 白bai2酒jiu3 = white wine 白bai2兰lan2地di4 = brandy 葡pu2萄tao酒jiu3 = sherry 汽qi4水shui3 = soda /sparkling water 果guo3汁zhi1 =juice 啤pi2酒jiu3 =beer 鸡ji1尾wei3酒jiu3 =cocktail 豆dou4奶nai3 = soy milk 豆dou4浆jiang1 =soybean… Continue reading

Staple Advanced Food (Learn Chinese)

主(zhu3)食(shi2)类(lei4)——Staple food ∞ 三san1文wen2治zhi4 = sandwich 米mi3饭fan4 =rice 粥zhou1 = congee (rice soup) 汤tang1 =soup 饺jiao3子zi = dumpling 面mian4条tiao2 = noodle 香xiang1肠chang2 = sausage 面mian4包bao1 =bread 黄huang2油you2 =butter 饼bin3干gan1= cookies 馒man2头tou2 = steamed… Continue reading

Advanced Vegetables (Learn Chinese)

蔬(shu1)菜(cai4)类(lei4)——VEGETABLES ∞ 南nan2瓜gua1= pumpkin  玉yu4米mi3 =corn 卷juan3心xin1菜cai4 = cabbage 萝luo2卜bo = radish 胡hu2萝luo2卜bo = carrot 韭jiu3菜cai4 =leek 木mu4耳er3 = agarics 豌wan1豆dou4 = pea 马ma3铃lin2薯shu3(土tu2豆dou2)= potato 黄huang2瓜gua1 = cucumber 苦ku3瓜guo1 = balsam pear 蘑mo2菇gu1… Continue reading

Seasonings (Learn Chinese)

调(tiao2)料(liao4)类(lei4)——Seasonings ∞ 醋cu4 = vinegar 酱jiang4油you2 = soy 盐yan4 = salt 糖tang4 = sugar 酱jiang4 = soy sauce 沙sha1拉la1 = salad 辣la4椒jiao1 = hot(red)pepper 胡hu2椒jiao1 =(black)pepper 芝zhi1麻ma1酱jiang4 = Sesame paste 咖ga1喱li2粉fen3 =curry 番fan1茄qie2酱jiang4… Continue reading

The Advanced Colours (Learn Chinese)

颜(yan2)色(se4)  COLOUR   ∞ 红(hong2)色(se4) 类 (lei4) —The RED: 朱zhu1红hong2 = vermeil; vermilion; ponceau 粉fen3红hong2 = pink; soft red; rose bloom 玫mei2瑰gui4红hong2 = rose madder; rose 鲜xian1红hong2 = scarlet red; scarlet; bright red; fresh red; blood red;madder;… Continue reading

A tranqil Night (Advanced Level)

《A Tranquil Night》 Poet: Li Bai   At bed, I see a silver light, I wonder if it’s frost aground. Looking up, I found the moon bright; Bowing, in homesickness I’m drowned. Translator:… Continue reading

Mr. Taylor (Medium Level)

Mr. Taylor Mr. Taylor suffered many mishaps in his life. At college, English was his major and French was his minor. He passed the minor examination but failed the major examination. After a… Continue reading

Green Papaya Salad (Recipes)

Green Papaya Salad   涼拌青木瓜絲食譜 (liang2 ban4 qing1 mu4 gua1 si1 shi2 pu3) This is a recipe from Thailand     Ingredients: 材料 (cai2 liao4): 1 chicken breast fillet 雞胸肉一塊 (ji1 xiong1 rou4… Continue reading