The Legend of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl (Advanced Level)

THE LEGEND OF POPOCATEPTL AND IZTACCIHUATL ENGLISH The Legend of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl of Mexico Popocatepetl volcano gives its name to a 5450 meters high , while Iztaccihuatl volcano is   lower heighted (5220… Continue reading

The use of adjectives (Learn Chinese)

THE USE OF ADJECTIVES ∞ The use of adjectives in Chinese is peculiar, to describe something specific we do not use the verb “to be” but we put the Adjective, we add the… Continue reading

Where do you come from? (Learn Chinese)

WHERE DO YOU COME FROM? Niˇ cong´naˇ liˇ lai´ = WHERE DO YOU COME FROM? Niˇ shi` naˇ guo´ren´ = WHAT IS YOUR COUNTRY?  Niˇ shi`narˇ de ren´ = WHAT IS YOUR PLACE? MY… Continue reading

Hours (Learn Chinese)

HOURS ∞ Ji3 dian3 le = WHAT TIME IS IT? ∞ Not learn the contents of the phrase literally, is an expression. Just remember that “dian3” means “hour”. ∞ Si4 dian3 = IT’S FOUR… Continue reading

Classifiers (Learn Chinese)

CLASSIFIERS In Chinese, before an item, a small word that accompanies the item (called “classifier”) and depending on the type of noun to which the article refers is used. Let me explain: Ge4… Continue reading

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (Learn Chinese)

YESTERDAY, TODAY, TOMORROW Qian2tian1 (Qianˊtian-)= Day before Yesterday Zuo2tian1 (Zuoˊtian-) = Yesterday Jin1tian1 (Jin-tian-) = Today Ming2tian1 (Mingˊtian-) = Tomorrow Hou4tian (Houˋtian-) = Day after Tomorrow ∞ When we use these nouns to indicate… Continue reading

More Greetings (Learn Chinese)

MORE GREETINGS ∞ Zao3Shang4hao3 = GOOD MORNING (06:00-08:00 a.m) / BUENOS DÍAS (06:00-08:00 a.m) Shang4wu3hao3 = GOOD MORNING (08:00-12:00 a.m) / BUENOS DÍAS (08:00-12:00 a.m) Zhong1wu3hao3 = GOOD MORNING (12:00 until afternoon) / BUENOS DÍAS (12:00… Continue reading

Studies, Teacher, University… (Learn Chinese)

STUDIES, TEACHER, UNIVERSITY… ∞ Lao3shi1 (laoˇshi-)= TEACHER (PROFESOR) Xue2xi2 (xueˊxiˊ) = TO STUDY (ESTUDIAR) Xue2xiao4 (xueˊxiaoˋ) = COLLEGE (COLEGIO) Da4xue2 (daˋxueˊ) = UNIVERSITY (UNIVERSIDAD) Xue2sheng1 (xueˊsheng-) = STUDENT (ESTUDIANTE) Tong2xue2 (tongˊxueˊ) = CLASSMATE (COMPAÑERO) Xue2ke2 (xueˊkeˊ) = SUBJECT (ASIGNATURA) ∞   ENGLISH:… Continue reading

Country, Inhabitant, Language (Learn Chinese)

COUNTRY, INHABITANT, LANGUAGE ∞ Guo2jia1 = COUNTRY (PAÍS) Guo2min2 = INHABITANT (HABITANTE) Yu3yan2 = LANGUAGE (IDIOMA) ∞     CHINA = zhing1guo2 INHABITANT = zhong1guo2ren2 LANGUAGE = han4yu3 “or” zhong1when2 ∞ ENGLAND =… Continue reading

Present Continuous.1. (Learn Chinese)

PRESENT CONTINUOUS (1) In Chinese we use adverbs of time to make verbal times. In this case, to talk about present continuous we have this adverbs: En Chino nosotros usamos adverbios de tiempo… Continue reading